Health issues we treat


Bowel incontinence

Functional incontinence

Interstitial cystitis



Musculoskeletal problems

Low back pain

Joints pain and arthritis


Work related injuries and repetitive trauma

Postpartum rehabilitation

Varicose veins, tired fatigued legs, lymph oedema

Flat feet, heel spurs


Bad posture correction

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome



Services we provide


Biofeedback for pelvic floor dysfunction

Pelvic floor and core muscle exercises

Bladder, bowel training

Massage (RMT), myofascial release, trigger point release

Hot stone massage

Infra-red massage bed

Chiropractic care and physiotherapy

Electrical stimulation, ultrasound/magnetic therapy

Pressotherapy / lymphatic drainage

Therapeutic exercise

Acupuncture for PMS, pelvic pain and other problems of female reproductive organs

Gradient compression hosiery

Custom made orthotics and modified orthopaedic shoes



Physical health


Muscle toning/conditioning


Breathing/relaxation technique


Weight/lifestyle management

Diet and nutrition

Ionithermie detox

Vibration body shaper



All our services are covered under extended health benefits.